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of Aysemart Photos & HD Video

photo is exclusive, all are available for purchase by anyone.

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Emailed or Printed Photo
Bulk JPG Costing
Vision Costing
Payment Information

NO photo is to be used in Books, DVD or on any moving vision, be it videos, movies or Youtube.
Other than by us.

NO video clip is to be used on DVD.
Other than by us.

NO photo or video clip can be on-sold to a third party, other than by us.

YES All Photos can be used with web design, magazines and personal use, anything else! Please contact us?
NO video clip is to be published on DVD or TV without permission from us.
There is to be NO sole use (ie. sole rights) of any image or video clip, unless of a personal nature and solely their property.

Winning Race Photos

Printed Photos: 800x530pixels with logo, FREE use as long as not modified. $0 emailed
See example Gallery 800x530pixels without logo. $15 emailed
& Race Photo Galleries 1680x1113pixels with logo, FREE use as long as not modified.
If on Facebook - Download onsite
  1680x1113pixels without logo. $30 emailed
  Original Size NO logo. Contact Us
  A4 (21x29.7cm) A4 Print only NO frame. $40+ postage
  A3 (29.7x42cm) A3 Print only NO frame. $70+ postage
A3 (29.7x42cm) A3 Print Framed (glass or laminate framed) $100+ postage
  Discounts available on bulk orders of 5 or more.
Other Options: For Canvas Prints see canvas\CanvasPricelist.pdf
  For Winning Race Photos see racephotos\orders.htm (Albany, Mt barker & Kojonup)
Photo Shoots: Per hour onsite Photo shoots of your business $80
    Bulk photos are provided on CD.
    For our travel charges via our wedding travel page.

Bulk JPG Photo Price Breakdown: For Shires/Towns/Organisiations (Click to see some proofs)
  You Select Buy All Taken
    Qty Original Size Photos   Qty Original Size Photos 4000

1-5 $50 each 100-149 $2 each (only all shots if this is the amount)
  6-20 $25 each 150-349 $300 all (total qty varies for each shoot)
  21-35 $15 each 350-599 $400 all (total qty varies for each shoot)
  36-49 $10 each 600-1500 Contact Us (total qty varies for each shoot)
  50-99 $5 each

All bulk prices are negotiable and what you see here is set as a guide.


Information About How & What

  For photos to actually be available, means that your town/shire/organisation have asked for at least a one minute video presentation
  All towns/shires or organisations are required to purchase at least a one minute video presentation to be created by Dot Info WA from our vision and photos. Or you asked us to design a website and we had to come and do the photo shoot to match.
The deal must include free accommodation for 2 to 4 days so digital media can be collected.
(Please note the less days provided, means less overall digital media maybe collected, weather also maybe a factor)
  The Digital collection could be used to create additional material such as Tourism DVDs, Photographic Books, Brochures, Websites and Product Promotions etc, by us or you!
  All photo collections, may contain enhanced shots and some could have been cropped,
  For purchases of 1 to 99 photos, you get to select from proof thumb sheets.
  We retain copyright for all digital media that we collect.

Buy options for our High Definition video footage:
A) Per minute Use of existing video clip unedited, NOT for DVD use.
    Ideal for video fill for your video project. $200
B) Per minute Use of existing video clip basic edit, NOT for DVD use.
    NO graphics, backing music or Voiceover. $800
C) Per minute Use of existing video presentation full edit, NOT for DVD use.
    Edited with graphics, backing music and Voiceover. $1200
Final productions could be used on your website or as TV Commercials.

Sole rights would be classed as exclusive and at this stage we do not offer this, as long term records have to be kept.

Send us your request, then see if we can assist with what you need? Contact Us

Payments by direct deposit to:
               Aysemart, BSB:Ask, ACC:Ask, Westpac.
               Invoices can be emailed to you as PDF on request .
(Please don't make any payment until you have contacted us first)
  This information was last updated Monday, 13 June 2016 and are subject to change without notice.

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