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All corporate companies/organisations are invited to consider any type of business opportunities with us i.e. by sponsorship or to fully manage our digital database and to produce product/s or to use our ability to gather digital media for their own use.

We require a company to manage our digital database, from which they can create photographic books, tourism DVDs, calendars, post cards, brochures etc, basically any marketable photo product.

We are prepared to travel regional Australia to gather all topics of digital imagery.

Sponsor OptionThe vision we collect is stored as high definition files and is currently of regional Western Australia, topics covered are mainly proposed tourism sites and current tourism sites, productivity, farming, business, wildflowers, native orchids, accommodation and town scapes, the vision we collect could be useful to build any video promotion.

A sponsor could advertise on the vehicle/s, website or within media created. In return provide assistance in one way to help us cover each location.

We already have over 40 shires and 60 country towns covered on Western Australia alone.

Any shire/town also have the opportunity to have us come and create a tourism DVD for them, all we ask is the stock be paid up front and to offer accommodation during time of filming.

Each shire/town also can purchase the right to use all photos taken on their area and one off prices.

Aysemart is currently our business name.

For more information contact us now or to offer us a proposition.

Also see Visual Tours, Contact Us or Visual Tour Brochure.

We were finalist at the WA Tourism Awards of 2008 and finalist at the ACCI Small Business Awards in 2009.

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