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                  Established 1998, our computer experience goes back to 1985.
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We currently specialise in refurbished laptops.

Laptops Sales
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We offer the Albany Region of Western Australia computer assistance, but we only support MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, (not excited about Windows 8) and Windows 10.

We have a series of Laptops that have been refurbished and are available for purchase or hire.
(See our used laptop list)

We do not support Tablets, iPAD or iMAC products. Try Alex.

Often a complete backup and install is cheaper than fooling with a choked up computer operating system.

We also offer a hard drive recovery service (available for working hard drives).

Your computers may be taken away if the job appears as if it may take longer to complete, this will actually save time and additional cost,  and then we will delivered after successful repair.

(See Our Laptops - Computer Assistance Brochure)


Preferred contact is by email: info@atoz-visual.com
We can attend to your email when we get back from each job.
We will NOT answer our mobile phone while on a callout.

If calling us with a private number, be sure to leave a message
as we can NOT call you back if you don't.
Please do NOT call us after hours, during public holidays or on weekends.
If calling our mobile, please call between 9am and 5pm week days.
Or email us about your problem.
Calls outside will be ignored if outside of these times.
Travel Expenses
Free travel costs to 20kms from the centre of the City of Albany, Western Australia.
$1.50 per kilometre from there.
(1km means distance from 20kms of the centre of Albany)

Our flat rate for is normally $80, which allows up to one hour of our service onsite or at base.
        (sorry no discounts for less time).
$70 per hour there after onsite (discounted rate).
We will quote you the overall cost before continuing the job.

This is offered if for any reason we can not solve your computer issue (rarely does this happen, but it can happen), we may recommend a service agent to solve it instead.
If this happens, No Fix No Pay applies to labour only, any part installed would have to be returned or paid for.

Direct Payment
Do NOT make any payment unless we actually asked you to in person.

New Computers (Laptops and Desktops)
We can help with brand new laptops but do not sell brand new Desktops anymore.
Ask us about pre-owned laptops, as sometimes we might have some available?

Ayse Computer Assistance
For a suitable free antivirus try AVG Free.
AVG Free 2016+ Upgrade via this safe link "CLICK THIS".
Requires a large download and you may need to register prior to downloading.

You'll may need to uninstall the old AVG before.
Then do a fresh install with the new version, make sure you examine all ticked items, as often they try to install extras that you don't need.

DURING INSTALLS: We suggest un-ticking toolbars and Google stuff, when installing software online, also if your Internet Browser is slow, try turning off some plug-ins, via the tools or options menu, most are not required, however Java & Flash Player are required.

If you don't like AVG Free, perhaps give the latest Avast Antivirus a go "CLICK THIS" which might be free for the first 12 months (if still offered) after the free registration (or it was free last I checked).

Also with this new version of AVG, after some time it asks to update the entire program, be careful it doesn't trick you into installing the pay version, choose AVG FREE Basic.

For Spyware my suggestion is to run and update the latest "Spybot Search & Destroy" (be sure to go by full name as there are some fakes out there (or Click This Link), be sure to disable the Tea-Timer and any toolbars during installation as they are a pain if installed) and scan your computer at least monthly, or when you notice things getting slower or unusual things happening. Have it fix everything it finds (for further information click this PDF with some suggestions included).

We were finalist at the WA Tourism Awards of 2008 and finalist at the ACCI Small Business Awards in 2009. (Other Guys)