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Hawthorn House Day Respite Centre, Henry Street, Albany, Western Australia, a place where people with memory issues can spend social time with others and be creative, using the many features available.

This is where our product was launched (More information about Hawthorn House is at

The Sensory Experiences is a series of see, hear, touch, smell, movement and taste items that may give a touch of reality, a boost in memory or thoughts, or have a calming influence. At the end of the day, it does not even matter if the visuals are something the person experiencing this has not experienced in the past, but the visuals etc might trigger reactions etc.
Aqua Activities Milking & Harvesting Shearing Shed & Machinery

Rosalind Sawyer was the one with the great idea, David Belfield created the video to match Rosalind's requirements. Later with funding available, Carol Thomas, Deb Symms, Trudy Chester sourced and developed the sample kits going on Rosalind's ideas, of which was to accompany the DVD series. Assistance came from the City Of Albany who gained some funding to help gather the final footage and finalise everything sooner than originally planned.


It's a Soroptimist International Albany Project made possible through committee members Rosalind Sawyer, David Belfield, Carol Thomas, Deborah Symes, Trudy Powell, Julie-Ann Gray and Judy Martin.

Original concept by Rosalind Sawyer who was a occupational therapist, now retired.

Filmed, edited and printed graphics by AtoZ-Visual (David Belfield).

Aqua Activities includes: The Granny Grometts, Albany.

Shearing Shed was filmed in Wellstead, on the Davey family farm, Blackboy Hill.

Shearing team by Mike Thomas.

Milking Farm footage in Kronkup, on the Hortin's Dairy family farm.

This project initially has been supported by the City of Albany, with some funding through the Brandenburg Foundation.

Hawthorn House is where the we tested our first two DVDs. We provide feedback forms in our kits, as to hear what you have to say, on how your clients reacted and so on, it's all to help better the final results now and into the future.
The kits contain a series of items that are used in conjunction with the film and there are instructions on how to use them best.

The three initial kits are sold together as one set, the over-all price is still under consideration and Blu-ray option is available, but we won't be providing it on USB. Please contact us if interested.

Suggestion: These kits would make appropriate great gift ideas to low profit organisations that specialise in helping people with memory issues.

To order any of these items, please contact us via email or in writing:
AtoZ-Visual - PO Box 355, Albany, Western Australia - Contact Us

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